Put Your Name on This High Quality PLR Product and Keep 100% of The Profits on Every Sale!

Put Your Name on this Ebook that Comes with PLR Rights and Sell it as Your Own and Keep 100% Profits on Each Sale!

Email Marketing Mastery is a Brand New, Recently Released, Top-Notch Professional eBook that will Finally Show You How to be a Powerfully Effective Email Marketer
and Make Even More Money with Your List!

I'll teach you everything you need to finally become a highly successful email marketer.

Finally Master Email Marketing in 2022

This is Your Opportunity to Become An Authority in One Aspect of Online Marketing - Email Marketing, One of the Fundamental Skills Needed to Succeed in Online Marketing Today.

Become an Authority in one of the Most Important Aspects of Online Marketing, that is, Email Marketing.
The Ebook Text and Graphics are Done For You. Simply Sell this Ebook and Keep 100% of the Profits Every Time You Make a Sale.
 You will Learn Tips and Tricks that will Allow You get more subscribers and Make More Money from Your Email Marketing Efforts.

PLR Resell Rights means you can sell The Email Marketing Mastery Ebook as many times as you like and keep 100% of the Profits on Every Sale. You can also use the Ebook as a FREE Lead Magnet in exchange for email addresses to quickly and easily build your email list.   

Why Do I Need This Course? What Can I Do With It?

Now you can make more money as an email marketer or Just Sell the eBook Directly...

In Email Marketing Mastery, You'll Discover...

How to create Awesome Subject lines for Extremely High open rates!
Exactly How Often and When to be emailing your list!
The Exact Structure, Layout and Content  of a Highly Successful Email Message
How to Write Emails that Your Subscribers Actually Want to Read
How to Run Successful Email Campaigns on Complete Auto-Pilot
How to Write Emails that Make Your Subscribers Want to Click on the Links Inside Them
The Exact Blueprint and Emails of an actual $51,301.27 mail campaign
(That's a Real Number from an actual, real email campaign -- all the details are inside the ebook!)

So What Exactly Do I Get?

Now you can make more money as an email marketer or Just Sell the eBook Directly...

Resell This eBook and Keep 100% of the Profits on Every Sale!

This is a 'Done for You' eBook, with nothing left to do but resell it with PLR rights!
Put Your Own Name on this eBook or Rebrand it as Your Own!
You Are Also Allowed to Just Use the eBook as a Lead Magnet, Free Giveaway on Your Opt-in Page to Build Your List!
You Can Edit, Modify, or Combine the eBook
Can Be Used as an Affiliate Bonus or Product Launch Bonus
Can be Broken Up into Smaller Content Like Your Own Email Sequence, Blog Posts, PowerPoint Slides, Videos and more.
Content Can Be Used to Create a Larger Product.
Can Be Added to a Membership Site
You Can Claim Complete Authorship of the Text Files.

What My Mentor Taught Me About Email Marketing

I'm sharing with You what my Mentor Taught Me about Email Marketing...

I've had some amazing mentors over the years.  But the Mentor who has the biggest impact on me and my Online Marketing business is John Thornhill.  

John has been a leader in the industry for well over 10 years now.  He has made over $1 Million selling his own products and promoting other people's affiliate products just on his JVZoo account alone!  He's one of the top Sellers and Affiliates over on JVZoo.com.  Feel free to check out is profile on that platform.

Anyways, John has allowed me to share with you, in my Ebook, Email Marketing Mastery, the email marketing tips, tricks, strategies and techniques that has allowed him to consistently make serious money online over the years, and live the online marketing dream.

John Thornhill

Below Is Everything You Get included with this 
Email Marketing Mastery Ebook!

Finally Master One of the Most Important Skills Needed for Online Marketing Success

Email Marketing 48-Page Ebook

Brand New, Top-Notch, Professional High Quality  48-Page Ebook with proven email marketing strategies that will allow you to actually make money as a successful email marketer. You can create your own custom templates to form attention-grabbing, engaging, money-making email messages that can be sent to thousands at one time allowing you to help thousands of people while monetizing your list.

Super Easy Customizable Files

You are given the MS Word text files and the PDF files so you can easily edit them to your liking.  You can add your own text or chapters.  You can can add your own graphics, stories and examples.  You can add your own name and branding and claim 100% authorship enhancing your own authority and branding.  If you don't own MS word software you can edit using the free LibreOffice.org software which is MS Word compatible.

Easily Rebrand as Your Own

You can easily rebrand the Ebook and all the text files as your own by adding your own Logo and Company name on the first page, at the top and bottom of every page, or as a watermark, wherever you like, as much as you like.  This is Your Ebook and will have Your Name, Company name and Logo on it to help you build your reputation as an email marketer and provider of Top-Notch, Professional Online Marketing products.      

Full Authorship of All Textfiles

You can claim full and complete authorship of all the textfiles because you have full PLR rights when you buy this product.  You will now "own your own product".   You can resell this Ebook, product as many times as you like and keep 100% of the profits on every sale. You save time because you don't have to create a high-quality product as it has already been done for you.  You can start making money and establishing your reputation in the industry immediately.  Why Wait? 

Give Away Free as a Lead Magnet 

Give Away as a FREE Lead Magnet to Build Your List.
Can be Edited, Modified or Combined.
Can claim complete authorship of text files.
Can be added to Your Membership Sites.
Can be used as Content for a Larger Product or Course.
Can be split up into smaller pieces of content.
Can be Converted to Video or Audio Product.

Customizable Ebook Cover

The Ecover has already been created for you, but you are also given the source files in PSD format so that you can edit the graphics and Ebook cover to your heart's content. You can edit these graphic files with Photoshop or the many FREE simpler alternatives to Photoshop that can be found by searching the web.

YES, Jupiter Jim, I'm Ready to Take My Listbuilding, My Online Marketing, My Online Business and My Online Income
to the Next Level in 2022.

Yes, I would like to Purchase This Ebook, with PLR Rights for...

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You can complete this course in one day.   However, I'm giving you 30 days to check out all the videos, transcripts, flow charts and checklists in this course.   If you are not 100% totally satisfied that this is The Best Email Marketing course you've ever taken, just let me know and I'll personally refund all your money the same day, no problem.  Feel free to keep the Ebook as my free gift to you.

Jupiter Jim

Founder and CEO of Jupiter Jim's Marketing Club

The Email Marketing Mastery Ebook is the Perfect Complement to The AWeber Crash Course. In The AWeber Crash Course I teach you how to use the AWeber software and how to set everything up - broadcast messages, email campaigns, Optin Forms, etc.   In the Ebook I'm teaching you exactly what to put in your emails, in your email subject lines, in your email campaigns, etc.   And, as an added Bonus, you can actually use The Email Marketing Mastery Ebook as a FREE Lead Magnet to get people to subscribe to you list.  That alone is worth the price of the Ebook!   So now, instead of paying me $100 an hour to explain all this to you over the Internet, you can now read this 48-Page Ebook at your own pace and get the exact same information for literally pennies on the dollar.

And you also get a 30-day, 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee from me personally.  If you want a refund, which, of course, is highly unlikely, I'll be the person who personally refunds your money.  You will never deal with low paid customer support personnel who have no stake in my business.  And in the unlikely event that you request a refund, I will let you keep the Ebook for free minus the PLR rights to the Ebook.   So you literally have ZERO risk in investing in this Ebook that could end up paying you back many, many times over if you apply the principles contained therein. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course targeted more for beginners, intermediate or advanced AWeber users?

This course is designed specifically for beginners and intermediate AWeber users. However, I guarantee that Advanced users will pick up tips and tricks strategies and techniques that are worth way more than the price that they are paying for the entire Ebook. This Ebook will definitely take anyone from Zero to Hero as an Email Marketer if they actually apply what they learn in the Ebook.

Is it Permitted to Give Away the Ebook for FREE as a Lead Magnet?

Yes. You can definitely give this Complete Ebook as a FREE Give Away or Free Lead Magnet in exchange for a subscriber's email address.  This is a Most Awesome Opportunity to build your email list while gaining Instant Credibility with the High Quality, Useful, Practical and Powerful Information contained inside this Professionally Written Ebook.

Is it Permitted to Rebrand this Ebook?

YES. You have Full White Label PLR rights to completely rebrand, modify or do whatever you want with this Ebook Product after purchase.

Is the Content in this Ebook Up To Date?

YES. The Ebook was created in May 2022.  It contains successful email marketing strategies and techniques that are still being used by my mentors today.

What are my PLR Rights to this Ebook?

Since You own the PLR Rights to this Ebook, You are welcome to sell the "Email Marketing Mastery" Ebook to other people.  You can also give it away as a lead magnet.  You can sell the Ebook as many times as you like and keep 100% of the profits on every sale. Please Note that anyone who buys the Ebook from you is considered an "end user" meaning they can, of course, read they Ebook but they do not have PLR rights to the Ebook and cannot, therefore, sell or give away the Ebook to anyone else.  You can add this Ebook to paid membership sites. You can sell or give away the Ebook, as well, as a bonus or in combination with another product. You can turn the Ebook into an Audio or Video file with the same PLR rights as you have with the Ebook.You cannot upload any of this Ebook to any file sharing sites whereby people can access it for free.  Thank You in advance for Your Respect and Your Cooperation.

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