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My Secret Money Making Email Template

You learn the proper way to set up your very own Money Making Email Template in AWeber.  Once you create one or more of these templates (and it's real easy to do, once you know how), you will be able to make more money from your existing list by sending the same emails you would normally send out to your list.  People will actually be thanking you.

How to Resend an Email to the Same List but ONLY to Those People that Didn't Open the First Time

Choose In this video tutorial I show you how to resend out the exact same email to the exact same list, BUT this second time you send the email, it will only be sent to subscribers who did NOT open the email the first time! Finally, a video tutorial that breaks down this semi-complex process and makes it so easy to do!

AWeber Will Instantly Create Email Templates Based on Your Website's Color and Images

This is a very cool, BUT little known feature of AWeber.  You paste the URL (web address) of the front page of your own website, any page of your website, or your landing page that you created with AWeber, and then Aweber will instantly create 7 email templates with the appropriate colors and images!

How to Tag Subscribers and Segment Your Lists 

Tagging Subscribers and Segmenting Lists is an easy and powerful way to target your audience.   For instance, you send out emails to one of your lists, BUT ONLY to subscribers that have completed an AWeber Campaign or autoresponder series (who are NOW ready to buy!).  Or you send out an email only to those subscribers on the list who Opted in for a particular Free Report or Lead Magnet (also now ready to buy!).

How to Tag Subscribers as They Sign Up for Their 'Free Report' 

You can have one list of subscribers that have a common interest (for example 'WordPress').  However, some of the subscribers opted into the list for a Free Report on 'WordPress Themes' and some opted in for a Free Report on 'WordPress Plugins'.   So by tagging the subscribers as they opt-in, you can easily segment the list and only email to the segment interested in 'WordPress Themes', for instance. Powerful stuff.

How Customize Your "Already Subscribed" Page

People will oftentimes try to subscribe to the same list twice because they've forgotten that they are already on the list.  They really want that 'lead magnet' or 'free report' or whatever it is that you're giving away.  BUT the second time they try and subscribe to your list, they just get redirected to an "Already Subscribed" page.  When you customize that page, they end up with the 'free report' and re-engage with you, the list builder!

How to Instantly Generate Reports to Spot Trends in Your Lists

Here's another little known and little used feature of AWeber.  At the click of a button AWeber will generate all kinds of reports, charts and graphs to make it real easy to spot trends in your email lists.  At a glance you can see how many new subscribers are signing up per week and per month.  How many subscribers are opening emails and clicking on links, etc.

How Deleting Email Unsubscribers Will Actually Save You Money

AWeber actually stores all the email addresses that have unsubscribed from your list.  It stores all the data associated with each email address - like how many emails it received and opened.  Therefore, AWeber counts these 'unsubscribed' email addresses toward the total number of addresses that you are paying for each month.  I show you how to delete and bulk delete these unsubscribers which, in the end, will save you money!

You Need to Create List Backups and Save Them to Your Hard Drive

Just like any online asset that is essentially 'in the cloud', your email list could vanish overnight.  The servers at AWeber that store your email lists are electronic, magnetic, physical entities that can accidentally crash, just like any computer server anywhere in the world.  If you have your own copy of your email lists, then all the time, energy, and money it took to build your lists will never be lost!

How to Import Individual Subscribers and Lists of Subscribers

Aweber actually allows you to add individual subscribers to your list if they have given you permission (like someone you meet at a networking meeting).  You can add email names and addresses to your list from people that signed up on a piece of paper and a clipboard at a trade show (for example).  Or you can import a list from another autoresponder (like MailChimp or GetResponse, for example). 

The Canva Button Creates Stunning Custom Designs insides AWeber

Design Tap into millions of images, videos, graphics, templates, icons and more to create custom designs -- without ever leaving AWeber!  Design custom images with Canva directly inside the AWeber message editor and landing page builder with the Canva Button.   AWeber has partnered with Canva — the world’s fastest growing online design platform — to give you easy-to-use design tools right at your fingertips. 

Web Push Notifications Are Another Way to Contact Your Followers

Web Push Notifications are short, one-time messages that are delivered straight to a subscriber’s desktop when they have a browser open.  Not only do push notifications let you communicate updates to your audience, they enable you to drive traffic to your website or landing page, build your audience, and grow your business. Plus, they work great in tandem with email marketing. 

Complete Video Transcripts and Checklists

Every Video Tutorial has a minute-by-minute transcript so you don't have to re-watch and scroll through an entire video to review a section or to get your question answered.

Once you've watched a video, you can simply print out and refer back to your checklist for that video to make sure you don't accidentally skip any steps when using AWeber.

Why You Definitely Need an Email List...

Everyone on your email list has given you permission to market to them for the rest of their lives. As long as they remain on your email list, they are telling you, 'send me what you got!' Some of what you send them will be free valuable content, some of it will be profit-generating sales letters. And, sending a sales letter to your email list costs practically nothing, especially when compared to a Facebook, YouTube, or AdWords advertising campaigns. All successful online marketers have large email lists with hot prospects and hungry buyers. And, now, you can, too!!!

Why You Definitely Need AWeber...

Daily, I receive emails from all the top Internet Marketers in the industry so I can stay current on the latest trends. And, through the years, I've noticed that most of the top producers use AWeber to send emails to their email list. If it's good enough for the top producers in online marketing, it's good enough for me. And, there are 100,000+ people and businesses worldwide using AWeber as their email autoresponder and email list-builder, as well. So if you are looking for social proof, there's a ton of it right there!

AWeber has been around for over 20 years and is considered an Industry Standard

20 years

AWeber has been on the market for over 20 years now.


AWeber has over 100,000 users and more are joining everyday.


AWeber now offers a FREE forever version of up to 500 subscribers.

What Are the Benefits to to You?

The Bottom Line is that You Can Make Money by Taking the Course and Using the Knowledge or Selling the Knowledge as a Service!

Web Push Technology

Use AWeber's Web Push Technology to send out Web Push Notifications to website visitors. 

Evergreen Course

AWeber has been around for over 20 years.  The AWeber Crash Course never goes out of style.

Sell Your Services

You will be more than ready to charge $50 to $100 an hour to setup AWeber for clients desperate for your help.

Use AWeber Like a Pro

You will no longer be stuck using the basic features because you just can't figure AWeber out.

Increase Opt-in Rates

Create Custom Sign-up forms and Opt-in boxes that visitors actually want to put their email address in.

Increase Email Sales

Create custom email templates that establish your brand and 'sell without selling'.

Secret Template

You will get access to My Secret Money-Making Email Template

Use with WordPress

This  course shows you the proper way to easily integrate AWeber with WordPress

30-Day 100%, 24-hour, Money Back Guarantee

You can complete this course in one day.   However, I'm giving you 30 days to check out all the videos, transcripts, flow charts and checklists in this course.   If you are not 100% totally satisfied that this is The Best AWeber course you've ever taken, just let me know and I'll personally refund all your money the same day, no questions asked. The credit card processor Stripe will then take several days to put the money back into your bank account.  Feel free to keep the course as my gift to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course targeted more for beginners, intermediate or advanced AWeber users?

This course is designed specifically for beginners and intermediate AWeber users. However, I guarantee that Advanced users will pick up tips and tricks that are worth way more than the price of the entire course. This course will take anyone from Zero to Hero in about 90 minutes.

Does the Advanced AWeber Crash Course Apply to the FREE version of AWeber?

Yes.  Everything I teach in this course applies equally to the AWeber Pro Version (paid) and the AWeber FREE Forever version, as well. 

What are my PLR rights to this Course?

You are May NOT sell the AWeber Crash Course Basic or Advanced 2.0 or add it to a membership site.  However, you can sell or give away the videos in the Lead Magnet Crash Course together or separately.  You can give away the videos in the Lead Magnet Course for free together as a course, or give them away separately for free, as well. You can give away or sell the Opt-in Funnel Crash Course.

What is an AWeber Authority?

I define an AWeber Authority as someone who can charge a hefty fee to set up clients' AWeber email list, create and set-up their AWeber Opt-in forms on the client's website, set up their AWeber autoresponder campaigns, set up their email templates, create and schedule their email blasts, also called broadcast messages, create their landing page / opt-in page if they don't already have one, etc.    This is exactly the stuff I teach in this course and what people will pay you good money to set up for them.  

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